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Instructions for uploading photographs

This page contains information for member photographs uploaded to this site. The photographs and the following information should be provided via email upon request from a club officer. Normally this will be for winners of the Photo of the Month or Photo of the Year. Members are also encouraged to provide photographs for the home page slide show.

Photos for upload may  be sent via email as attachments to  infoFlagstaffPhoto@gmail.com

The site is configured so photographs cannot be downloaded and online ordering of prints is disabled.

File format

Please use JPG. When saving a file as JPG use a medium to high quality level which defines the amount of compression that is used. Note that JPG is a lossy compression meaning some of the photograph information is lost when the photograph is converted to JPG. Saving a file using the High quality value uses a minimum compression.

Actual Pixel Size

Please provide photographs with a long dimension of 1280 pixels, which is the horizontal dimension for landscape or vertical dimension for portrait mode. Any larger size will be reduced to slightly less than 1280 pixels when displayed.  If a smaller dimension is used then the photograph may be stretched to fit the URL photo size or show up as a smaller photo.

The length of the shorter side is the long dimension divided by the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio can be found by dividing the long dimension of the photograph by the short dimension. For an example if a photograph has an initial size of 5472 x 3648 pixels the aspect ratio is 5472÷3648 = 1.5. Using a landscape mode and aspect ratio of 1.5, if the horizontal dimension is 1280 pixels (px), then the height would be 1280÷1.5 = 853 pixels, giving a pixel dimension of 1280 x 853. For a square aspect ratio of 1.0 the photo size would be 1280 x 1280.

With Lightroom use File->Export... and in Photoshop use Image->Image Size... with the aspect ratio locked.

Pixels Per Inch (PPI)

Use any value, such as 72ppi or 300ppi.  The PPI ( or DPI) defines the size a photo is printed on paper and has no affect on how it is viewed on the web.

Photograph Identification

The following information is provided to search engines such as Google to improve search performance. It may also be used by the club to identify photographs.

For each photograph, the Title and a Caption should be provided with the photo to be uploaded. Copyright and Alt-Attribute are optional.  In some cases hovering the mouse pointer over a photograph may show the Title and Caption.

Title: <title of the photograph>

This field will be populated by the  IPTC Core: Title attribute when file is uploaded. This is the Title in LR or the Document Title in Photoshop.

Caption: <description of the photograph>This may be the description of the photograph but should also contain the shooting conditions including special settings or special editing, such as

“Canon EOS 6D * EF70-200mm f/4L IS USM * 75 mm * ISO 100 *  0.3 sec at f / 11”

This is also a good location to add the owner’s name.

This field will be populated by the  IPTC Content: Description attribute when file is uploaded. This is the Caption in LR or the Description in Photoshop.

Copyright:  Defaults to @Flagstaff Photography Club but can be changed on a photo by photo basis.

This field will be populated by the IPTC Core: Copyright attribute when file is uploaded.

 Alt-Attribute: This is the text that is displayed if the actual photo cannot be displayed. It is usually the title, filename, or description of the photograph. There is an associated checkbox that will use the text in the 'Title' above if it is checked.