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Meeting space is available for club activities on the third Thursday of each month from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the Joe C. Montoya Community & Adult Center at 245 N. Thorpe Rd in Flagstaff.   Visitors are welcome and are encouraged to attend to learn more about the club, the members, and the activities.

We welcome presenters that are not members of your club. If you have a topic you would like to discuss please notify us at email address infoflagstaffphoto@gmail.com.



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Photo of the Month Competition

We will be collecting club dues for 2018 during the meeting.



What you want to know about camera settings

• What we'll do

The Flagstaff photo club will host a clinic for photographers who want to learn more about how to choose camera settings. Using the right shutter speed, ISO, aperture, white balance, etc. etc. is important for capturing the photos you imagine. There will be a short introduction followed by plenty of time to consult and get hands-on guidance from experienced club members. Bring your camera, a memory card, and the manual (if you still have it).

• What to bring

Camera, a memory card, and manual if possible.

• Important to know

Photo shows a Nikon DSLR. Users of all camera brands are welcome.



Andrew Orr will present photographs from his recent trip sailing to Antarctica onboard a 107 year-old tall ship. In addition to spectacular photographs, he will provide some comments and insight into the challenges of photography in this extreme environment.



Image processing for Astrophotography



Rule of Odds by Cathy Uno

Photo of the Month Competition

Wikipedia: Rule of Odds

Four Rules of Photographic Composition

Composition Study: Rule of Odds


Short meeting followed by Flagstaff downtown walkabout



(tentative) Photos from Flagstaff walkabout, show and discuss



Wildflower Photography - Wildflowers of Yesteryear

This spring was particularly awful for wildflowers. But there is a possibility of some wildflower photography near Flagstaff during the fall season. And next spring may well be better. This meeting will begin with a presentation on techniques and locations for wildflower photography.

We will then show some examples of wildflowers from last year when far better conditions prevailed, with discussion of where and how the photos were taken.



Iceland and the Faroe Islands

(This is the first activity at the September 20 meeting). Iceland and the Faroe Islands offer many options for photography, including landscape and wildlife photography. This presentation will include information about where and how to go and techniques and challenges for the photographer. Club members will also show photographs from their visits.

Yes, there will be puffins.

Photo of the Month Competition



Photographic Theme: Black and White

Some images are just better in black and white. During this meeting, we will explore the advantages (and disadvantages) of removing color in order to emphasize form and textures.

Members are invited to submit PAIRS of images- the original image along with your black and white conversion. You may submit photographs taken specifically for this activity or you may search your catalog of past photographs as a way of exploring how you may already incorporate this concept into your photographs.

During this meeting, we will have the opportunity to view, discuss and explore each photographer's use of the concept.

Please submit your PAIRS of images to [masked] with the subject line 'blackandwhite'. Before uploading, please insure that your submission is in .jpeg format and approximately 2000 pixels on the long dimension. Consider submitting 3-5 pairs.

(For purposes of this meeting- duotone or tinted images are also appropriate).





Yearly club members Christmas dinner