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Wildflower Favorite Locations

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Wildflowers List


Wilson Meadow


·         Rocky Mountain Iris in early summer

·         Yellow Salisfy


·         Take HWY 180 north out of Flagstaff for 2.9 miles

·         Turn right on Forest Road 151 (Hart Prairie Rd)

·         At about 4.4 miles turn right into Wilson Meadow

·         Park at the trail head and walk up the road


Sinclair Wash

This is an area of trails near Sam's Club off of Butler Wash. Note there is normally a gate blocking the road under the freeway during weekends. It is still legal to go around the gate on foot or a bicycle.

·         Various

·         Turn off E Butler Ave onto South Babbitt Drive

·         Follow the road to the cul-de-sac.

·         Park near the Water Treatment plant

·         Walk on the service road south undere the freeway.

·         Signage is posted for Sinclair Wash

·         Continue on the road to the pond.

·         Follow the Arizona Trail to the east side of the pond and continue on the trail that goes to the east.


Campbell Mesa

There are several loop trails here of varying length. After parking there is a sign showing the trials a short distance up the road.

·         Various


·         Take I-40 Country Club exit (Exit 201)

·         Take Country Club south to East Old Walnut Canyon Road ( just past driving range)

·         Turn left

·         Follow the road past the two ponds and look for a parking area on the left within a mile.

·         Park and walk up the road and you will find maps of the various loops


Little Spring and Bismarck Lake Trail

These two areas are close together and can be combined into one hike.

The road between the Little Spring and Bismarck Lake turn-offs may be marginal for a low clearance vehicle. The road into Little Springs requires a high clearance vehicle.


The spring is located about 0.3 miles from the Little Spring trailhead.  The spring is enclosed by a metal fence to protect it from visitors and animals and is not very photogenic. As you approach the spring look for the C. Hart Merriam base camp plaque near the spring. You may follow a path behind the spring up the hill to Bismarck Lake.


·         Various Penstemons

·         Beardlip Penstemon  (near Little Spring trail head)

·         Dears Ears (on the hike to Bismarck Lake)

·         Arizona Thistle

·         Menzies' Rattlesnake Plantain (Orchid)

o   These are small pale orchids. They are located at the start of the trail from Little Springs on the right side embankment.

·         Various Penstemons

·         Beardlip Penstemon  (near Little Spring trail head)


·         Take HW 180 (Fort Valley Rd) out of Flagstaff

·         Continue on the road past the Snowbowl turn-off and then past the Arizona Nordic Village

·         Keep watch for FR 151 on the right after about 2.75 miles past the Nordic village. Note FR 151 is around a curve and may be difficult to see until the last minute.

·         Keep on FR 151 for about 1.64 miles until it interesects FR 418

·         Keep right at the intersection on FR 151

·         After 0.8 miles you will come to the turn-off to the left to Little Spring.

o   This is a high clearance road only.

o   The trail head is about .2 miles from FR151

·         From the intersection of FR151 and FR418 drive about 2 miles to the turn-off to the Bismarck Trailhead. The trail head is about 0.6 miles further


Shultz Fire Burn Area

The landscape of the burn area is starting to recover.

Please stay clear of the burnt Ponderosa trees that may be unstable.

Season: Late Summer although there are possibilities any time during the summer.


·         Pursh Plantain

·         Sacred Datura (Datura wrightii) Poisonous

·         Small-Flowered Globe Mallow

·         Wandbloom Penstemon

·         Cosmos (Mexican Aster)

·         Goldenrod

·         Various Sunflowers

·         Butter and Eggs

·         Arizona Cudweed

·         Wild Geranium

·         Spreading Fleabane

·         Indian Paintbrush

·         Green's Lotus

These directions take you onto dirt roads but high clearance is not normally necessary.

·         Take HW 89 north out of Flagstaff

·         At the marked turnoff to Sunset Crater turn left (west) on FR395

·         After about 1/2 mile turn left at the T

·         Follow the road to the burn area

·         From there find a place to stop where you see wildflowers.


East Old Walnut Canyon Road

Some years the landscape along this road is carpeted with Sunflowers.

·         Sunflowers

·         Drive north out of Flagstaff on HW 89

·         Turn right at the Sunset Crater Loop Road

·         Almost immediately turn left onto East Old Walnut Canyon Road.

·         If sunflowers are blooming they should be seen within a mile


Mescal Trail (Sedona)

·         Hedgehog Cactus

·         Ocotillo

·         Claret Cub Cactus



Doe Mountain (Sedona)




Big Park trails (Sedona)

·         Poppies

·         Creamcups





Phoenix Botanical Gardens

The gardens are located in Papago Park in eastern Phoenix near Tempe



·         Various


·         1201 N. Galvin Parkway

Phoenix, AZ 85008



Cave Buttes Recreation area




McDowell Mountain Preserve




Gila County

Peridot Mesa

tribal permit required