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Competition Rules

Photo of the Month Competition is held 3 times per year at meetings in January, May, and September.  Photos are submitted in digital format via portable media for download onto the computer of the volunteer who will project the images onto a screen for viewing. 

Send the photos via the club email account (

Images will be deleted from the volunteer’s computer immediately following the presentation for Photo of the Month.  8 photos (two each month) are chosen for display in the public library (Main and Eastside) if desired by the winning photographer(s) during the assigned month.

Each member may submit a maximum of 3 photographs for consideration. There is no limit on the number of times a print may be submitted if it has not previously been selected. One a print has been chosen and hung at either library; it may not be submitted again.

Prints may hang at the Flagstaff main or east library for one month.

Flagstaff Main Library

    300 W. Aspen in Flagstaff

East Library

    3000 N. 4th Street in Flagstaff

The exhibitor shall hang their print on the first day of the month and remove it on the last day of the month.

The 8 winners of the Photo of the Month Competition will be submitted for publication in the Arizona Daily Sun during the assigned month (it is the responsibility of the photographer to submit a digital file with a short narrative to the Competition Coordinator to submit to the Daily Sun for publication).  Other competitions may be proposed based on the interest of the Club members.

Due to the small space in the Eastside Library the width is limited to 24". This restriction does not apply to the Main Library.

See for instructions and information for submitting a JPEG formatted photograph.