Club ByLaws

Flagstaff Photography Club By-Laws

Mission Statement:  The purpose of the Flagstaff Photography Club is to promote interest in photography and provide opportunities for educational presentations, organized meet-ups, photo critiques, competitions and group exhibit and/or sales.

Membership:  Membership is open to anyone interested in photography.

Term:  The Club will operate from January to December each year.  The membership will determine in November of each year if the Club will continue for the following year.

Organization:  The Club will be organized and maintained by a President and a Treasurer.  Both will be on the Club’s bank account to receive dues and make appropriate payments.  A list of members will be maintained and the website and Facebook page and MeetUp   group will coordinated by the President and/or a volunteer.  Positions will be recruited for the next year by the November meeting.   A volunteer/s will be named to organize competitions and exhibits/sales.

Dues: Dues will be collected at a rate of $10 per year for members who wish to have access to post on the Flagstaff Photography Club’s Facebook page or the website, for hanging in the Flagstaff Public Library and/or for publication in the Arizona Daily Sun.

Meetings:  Meeting space will be available for club activities on the third Thursday of each month at the Joe Montoya Adult Center at Thorpe Park from 6-8 pm.    Any member can propose to the President an educational presentation, a critique or a meet-up at any time/place.  Formal meetings will be scheduled at least one month in advance with announcements on the website and on MeetUp by email.

Competitions:    Photo of the Month Competitions will be held 3 times per year at meetings in January, May, and September.  Your submission must be in hardcopy form but can be either a paper print, a matted print, or a framed print. The winning photos will be chosen by vote of those attending the meeting. Photos will be submitted in digital format via portable media for download onto the computer of the volunteer who will project the images onto a screen for viewing.  Images will be deleted from the volunteer’s computer immediately following the presentation for Photo of the Month.  8 4 photos will be chosen for display in the public library (Main and Eastside)Eastside Flagstaff public library  if elected by the photographer during the assigned month. The 48 winners of the Photo of the Month Competition will be submitted for publication in the Arizona Daily Sun during the assigned month (it is the responsibility of the photographer to submit a digital file with a short narrative to the Competition Coordinator to submit to the Daily Sun for publication).  Other competitions may be proposed based on the interest of the Club members.

Exhibits/Sales:  A volunteer will propose and coordinate Club exhibits/sales.

Voting:  Changes to Bylaws or any policy will be done via email.  Failure to reply to an email will be considered to be an abstention from the vote.

Dissolution:  If the Club permanently terminates its activities at any time either as a result of action taken by the membership, all assets, property and funds of the club shall be disposed of as follows:

--If the club combines or merges with another photography club, assets, property and funds will be turned over to that club’

--If the club ceases to exist, assets, property and funds will be turned over to the Flagstaff Public Library to purchase books to enhance the field of photography. 

Adopted: October 10, 1991

Amended: Effective March 19, 1992

Amended: Effective July 29, 1999

Amended: Effective November, 2006

Amended: Effective February of 2008

Amended:  Effective May, 2009

Amended: Effective 2013

Amended: Effective December, 2017