Photo of the Year 2016      

"Mitchel Bute, Grey Wiskers, and Mitchel Mesa"   by Mike Stump 

The photograph was taken on a December morning during the annual Monument Valley Balloon Festival. The morning was not good for ballooning but was great for photography.


Photo of the Year 2015


"San Xavier Mission"   by Dave Schleicher

The Mission San Xavier del Bac in Tucson is much photographed but is usually seen having a stark white color from the intense Sun. Knowing that the Mission faces south, I timed this photo session for late February when the Sun would obliquely illuminate the front at sunset. In an hour's time the structure went from bright white to soft white, then to yellow and finally a slightly pink hue (in this view).  
Tied for 2nd and 3rd place


"Russian Monastery/ Goritsi" by Olga Vlasenko     

"Prairie Strike" by Jody Tanner 

(not pictured) 


Photo of the Year 2014

Photo of the Year 2014 

   1st Place –False Kiva (Canyonlands)                                    Don Hutter

   2nd Place-Once in a Lifetime (Comet)                                 Jody Tanner

   3rd Place -Spring Stroll (West Fork in May)                         Jody Tanner